Do you oftentimes have to try to look around your bathroom squinting even when the lights are on?modern-lighting-in-spacious-bathroom

Does the light that illuminates the mirror date back to the seventies?

Does entering your bathroom makes you feel like you are entering a cell and that you are about to be interrogated by the police?

If the answer to these questions is a resounding yes, then your bathroom lighting could use a lot of changes.

The advent of this century has seen the development and eventual evolution of bathroom lights. Nowadays, we can find various elegant and energy-saving appliances, and bathroom lightings are no exception. If ever you decide to upgrade your bathroom lighting, do take into consideration the size of the bathroom. At least two lighting options in an average bathroom are an applicable rule.

The sink and the mirror area should have their own lighting. The lighting style during the seventies was either a series of bare light bulbs circling around the mirror or a bar of fluorescent light. The number of lights was necessary because women apply make-up in that area and as such, good lighting is a must. Nowadays, women do not wear as much make-up. With this in mind, illumination around the mirror and sink areas can be toned down somewhat, and that means doing away with the garish light bulbs.

You also have to think about the placement of the lights. You will probably find that in most homes, there is a highly illuminated mirror area, and a singular light on a ceiling to light up the toilet and the bathtub. The types of light that are used for this purpose are usually high-powered and tend to wear themselves out after only a number of months. A good energy-saving alternative would be sconces attached to walls. They can be turned on using individual light switches. That way, you will only need to turn on the lights that you need.


There are so many designs, colors, and make to choose from. With just a little imagination, the lighting fixtures can be put together to compose a theme. This means that you can actually make your bathroom look like one that you can find in English inns, complete with rich wood materials and bulbs. You might also want to be environment-friendly by using green energy bulbs. These light bulbs give optimal light using minimum wattage. If you desire, you can also light the bathroom per section using canister lighting. If you use the toilet only to take a dump, you may do away with lights in the mirror area.

There is a wide variety of bathroom lighting fixture designs in the market today. They come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. Whether you want to save on electric bills by upgrading your bathroom lights to a more efficient, energy-saving illumination unit, or flood your bathroom with multiple lights like what you would probably see in star-studded movie premieres, a light fixture upgrade will work really well for you. In whatever way you desire to use them, bathroom light fixtures certainly say a lot about you and the lifestyle that you aspire for.

You will also have to check your light bulbs as they, too, can spell a difference. Go purchase a white light bulb with a high wattage if you are gunning for intensely bright light. You can save a good deal of energy and money by using light bulbs that are made specifically to save energy. You can find them even in the regular light bulb section. Although they are priced higher than a regular light bulbs, energy-saving bulbs last a lot longer, up to ten times as much. These bulbs can also help you save up on your electric bills, and by using them you are also able to help save Mother Earth. Buying quality bathroom light fixtures, understandably, add up to the resale value of your house.

Buying Guide for Bathroom Lighting

Despite the importance of bathroom lights, the likelihood that you have not given bathroom lighting much attention is high. It is a tendency among many homeowners to miss out on this small but important detail. When your house is not sufficiently illuminated, it is difficult to go about certain activities such as putting on make-up, checking oneself in the mirror, or searching for items in cabinets. You will be pleased to learn that scouring for lights to buy is a breeze. Online or in physical stores, many various models abound and you just have to choose the right design for you.

The primary thing that you have to consider is your satisfaction with the kind of lighting that you have at present. You might probably want to replace your built-in fluorescent light bulbs with better-designed lamps. Installing energy-saving bulbs will help you save energy and money on your electric bill. Aside from this, you can have a crisper, more natural-looking light.

Contemporary bathrooms make use of more advanced lighting designs such as multiple bulb fixtures that are usually installed at the sink area. These fixtures give more than ample light for the bathroom. A dimmer may also be bought, which is useful specifically when you want less light in instances such as using the bathroom late at night when everyone is asleep.


Always remember that, whenever you search for bathroom lighting fixtures, their placement is just as important as the type of light that you intend to buy. The location of the lighting fixtures makes a lot of difference in carrying out activities such as applying cosmetics. Oftentimes, light that comes directly overhead is not ideal, and to get optimum lighting the bulb fixtures are better placed on the side, or just above the sink. These lighting positions also improve the overall look of the bathroom.

There are ornamental and affordable light fixtures that you can get a hold of, like old decorative lanterns, chandeliers, and the like. When you take a look at the models in online shops you will see that you can choose from a lot, and as such, it is easier to canvas and compare their selling prices.

If you do not want to do your shopping online, you can check out your local lighting stores, home decoration stores, and retail stores. They, too, can provide you with multiple models to choose from.