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Why Does My Bathroom Need An Extractor Fan?


The extractor fan is a strange one. While it’s clearly very important, a majority of bathrooms don’t have it. Moreover, most homeowners don’t even understand the need for the appliance. As such, even in homes where there is one, the fan is hardly ever maintained or repaired.

These fans need to be installed in every bathroom and properly maintained because they serve five crucial purposes;

Remove moisture

Extractor fans play a crucial role in removing moisture from the bathroom. You’ve probably noticed that after a hot shower, moisture can be seen crawling on the walls and other surfaces. This isn’t just unsightly; it is a big risk for the building. Over the years, moisture can wash out paint on the walls, destroy any other items within the bathroom, and weaken the walls. The extractor fan helps to blow out moisture so the bathroom can dry up faster.

Humidity control

The fans also help in controlling humidity in the bathroom. Humidity doesn’t have to result from a hot shower. Sharp temperature changes are enough to leave your walls dripping with condensed water. Such water on the walls can, among other things, cause mildew and mold. A small extractor fan mounted on the ceiling or up the walls can help drive warm air out of the room and leave the bathroom too dry to support the growth of mold or mildew.

Controlling bathroom odors

bathroom-extractor-fan-installationBad smells aren’t uncommon in the bathroom. Sometimes you just wake up to find that the entire home has been rendered inhabitable thanks to odors coming from the bathroom. It could be the result of a blockage.

Perhaps something got trapped there causing the drains to block, and leaving water and all the waste to pool there for hours.

A properly installed extractor fan will effortlessly clear up the odor by pushing the polluted air out of the home.

Gas and smoke removal

While we don’t use gas in the bathroom, when there is a leakage, you’ll need all the help you can find to push the gas out. This is another area where the bathroom extractor fan can help. Granted, you need additional extractor fans in areas that are likely to accumulate the gas in case of leakage. But as soon as the gas starts to spread, the bathroom fan will help a lot in pushing it out of the home.

Heat and smoke removal

The same applies to heat and smoke. Extractor fans help to remove hot air from the bathroom so that you can have a more conducive environment. If such heat isn’t removed, it could spread to other rooms, forcing the air conditioning system to work harder to cool your home. Such unnecessary waste of resources should never be allowed. With regards to smoke, whether it’s from cigars, burning items, or cooking in other rooms, extractor fans, wherever they may be installed, are critical in pushing out harmful gases.

Maintaining wall and fabric health

Finally, by removing the heat, smoke, steam, and humidity from your home, extractor fans play a big role in maintaining the health of our walls and fabric.

But, the fan has to be properly installed

For it to function optimally, the extractor fan must be installed properly and at the right position within the bathroom. Be careful of the insulation and don’t cover the box with insulation when you’re finished. Most importantly, choose an extractor fan that nicely complements your bathroom rather than creating detraction from an otherwise luxurious bathroom experience. Fortunately, there is a range of options to pick from!


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The Latest Bathroom Lighting Trends


Bathroom lights have now become one of the most important items that deserve the full attention of any remodeling homeowner. Most people are trying to follow the latest trends in bathroom lights to give modern bathrooms a luxurious look and feel. With the changing requirements of modern homeowners, more and more new trends are emerging in terms of how bathroom lights are designed and installed. Some of these latest trends in bathroom lights and fixtures are as follows:

Recessed Lighting Trends

The ambient and recessed lighting trend has now become very popular as far as the type of lighting is concerned. With more and more people becoming cost-conscious and trying to save power and electricity, recessed lighting fixtures have taken the position of the most preferred lighting.

Diffused Light Fixture

Another emerging trend in the area of bathroom lighting is that of the diffused lighting fixture which comes with a soft focus. The light which focuses on or near the eye level is placed very near the mirror.

Combo Lighting

People have started adapting to other trends as well. One such trend is the use of combo lights that can multiply the lighting effect in presence of other lights and make the bathroom look wonderfully well.

Fancy Lighting

Most people have started buying fancy bathroom lights for their bathroom space that not only provide a decorative theme to their bathroom. Nowadays they want durability as well as cost-effectiveness. If this sounds like you, consider CFL lights. Compact fluorescent lights last longer and they use less electricity than conventional ones.


Positioning of the Mirror

Positioning of the mirror nowadays is done in such a way that it acts as a light reflector. Light from the windows and ventilators is made to fall on the mirror surface which after reflection brightens the bathroom area. This is a natural way of saving electricity.

One latest trend in bathroom fixtures is the installation of antique, metallic, and highly shining mirrors on the walls of the bathroom. These metallic mirrors shine in the absence of lights and give the bathroom the necessary brightness and scintillating looks. Nowadays lights embedded in the mirror have become a modern trend in the bathroom lighting space. Most people install these types of mirrors which can provide dual effects to people.

People have started investing high in adopting the latest bathroom trends because they define the comfort and luxury of the bathroom

Bathroom lighting is an important design element in any home. It can set the tone for the space and make it feel more luxurious, modern, or even classic. LED lights are a popular choice for bathroom lighting because they are energy-efficient and last longer than traditional bulbs. Mirrors with built-in LED lights are also becoming increasingly popular as they provide both function and style. When choosing bathroom lighting, it is important to consider the overall design of the space and choose fixtures that will complement the other elements in the room.

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Most Attractive Types of Bathroom Lights


The aesthetic sense and the style of life is often decided by the types of lights you install in your home. Bathroom lights are no different. Not only this, an acceptable fact is that the types of bathroom lights are critical factors in determining the whole aesthetic of the bathroom. Depending on the layout and space of the bathroom, some of the most favorite types of bathroom lights are as follows:

Ambient bath light

This is the term given to general lighting type in the bathroom. The lights which are able to provide enough brightness in every nook and corner of the bathroom broadly are classified as ambient bath light. They are simple in design and usually are not customized.

Accent bath light

As the name suggests, this type of lighting is put in the bathroom just to have an additive effect – i.e. to bring in more sensation and decorative feeling inside the bathroom.  However, these types of light do not serve any other useful purpose and are mainly found in highly decorative and stylish bathrooms. These are preferred by those people who like brightened and extra-decorative stuff.


Task bath light

Another type of light that is found in certain types of bathrooms is the task light.  This light is primarily installed over and above the mirror to help one get a closer look. Personal grooming activities such as oiling, combing, and shaving can be easily done using the task lightly. These task lights help a person focus on the smallest details of the face.

Another way to classify the types of light depending on their location is as follows:

Ceiling lights: As the name suggests, these types of light are fitted centrally on the top of the ceiling

Shower lights: Shower lights are the lights that are installed near the shower especially meant for bathing at night. These lights are properly covered to protect them from water droplets.

Floor and bath panel lights: These lights are extremely delightful to watch and provide a relaxing and comfortable feeling while bathing. These are low-level lights usually placed on the sides of the bath-tub

Mood lighting: These are the most ecstatic lights that can be installed in the bathroom and give the bathroom the most craved wow factor. These include the shelves lights, underwater bath lights, cabinet lights, and tiles light.

Depending on the way people want their bathroom to appear and the style statement they want to portray to the outer world, they can choose any of the above types of bathroom lights.

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Online Buying of Bathroom Lights – Fast, Easy and Convenient

Online Buying of Bathroom Lights

Online retail companies have given a plethora of opportunities to people who are looking to buy bathroom lights for their bathroom. Contrary to brick-and-mortar shops, shopping from online stores is fast, convenient, and saves a lot of time and effort on the part of the purchaser. The Internet is the host to selling literally everything all across the world. Bathroom lighting is no exception as well. Buying bathroom lights online can provide users with a number of benefits over and above the conventional modes of buying. Some of these benefits are elaborated on below:

Cheaper Lights

It has been found out that the cost of the lights in the online store is lesser as compared to that available in the brick-and-mortar stores. It may be because of the fact that there is no overhead or fixed charges online and thus this saving in cost is passed onto the customers.

Wide Range of Options

modern-bathroom-lighting-in-white-bathroomAnother major benefit of online shopping is the large availability of online websites dealing in bathroom lights. People can switch from one website to another in no span of time and look for their desired articles at all these places.

Ease and Convenience

The Internet has brought the entire world to the doorsteps of customers. The fact that people can shop and order almost anything while sitting at home, make payments and receive the order without the trouble of going out to the stores makes online shopping one of the modern-day trends in every house.

Price Comparison

Most customers before buying bathroom lights would like to compare the prices of such lights across different merchants. Online shopping option makes this task very easy at the click of the mouse. Some of the sites list the prices of similar products sold by their competitors to enable the customers to take the decision at that very moment.

Reviews and Feedback

It is the power of shopping online that enables the customers to know about the feedback of the bathroom light they are about to purchase. Most online websites have reviews and comments from customers for other buyers to read. Thus by reading these reviews, customers can make a more informed choice before buying bathroom lights.

At the end of the day, it is very important to find good value for the money. Thus online shopping option is simply perfect for buying bathroom lights.

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Inexpensive Bathroom Vanity Light Fixtures Ideas

Inexpensive Bathroom Vanity Light Fixtures Ideas

The bathroom is a major part of the home we spend most of our time in during the day or the night. Whether we are taking a bath, a quick shower, applying make-up, or relaxing in a bathtub on a bubble bath, the bathroom vanity light fixtures are an important aspect of the bathroom.

During the daytime, the most efficient bathroom vanity light fixtures to use are the sunlight. Aside from being efficient, sunlight is also inexpensive as it is a gift we get from nature.

In a bathroom with a tiny window, sunlight can filter through and light the entire room by having this window expanded. It doesn’t cost much to expand a tiny bathroom window. Aside from an enlarged window, another feature or part of the bathroom that can maximize the use of the sunlight is the type of material the bathroom is made out off. For example, indirect sunlight can be picked up by a bathroom with colors while a glossy or textured tile or surface of a bathroom may be a problem as it may cause a glare. Fixed or moveable diffuse panels also help in the reduction of the scattering of direct sunlight. Outside the bathroom, sunshades would also be helpful in cutting the sunlight.

If there is such a thing as natural bathroom vanity light fixtures or sunlight, there are also artificial bathroom vanity light fixtures.

long-bathroom-vanity-lights-LED-for-even-illumination-600x600One of the sources for artificial bathroom vanity lights is incandescent lights. Incandescent lights are small and bright. Aside from generating light, incandescent lights also generate heat. Another source could be the recessed lights that are the surface mount or suspended types and still another source of artificial bathroom vanity light is the fluorescent light for the bathroom that, although may emit very ballast heat, also give off a bulky effect due to the ballast it requires to run them.

Here are some bathroom vanity lighting tips you can make use of when managing light in the bathroom.

  • Stay away from glares that result from exposed light bulbs especially those that are positioned at eye level.

  • Use warm or even lighting with light color schemes to generate a bigger-looking bathroom area. Doing this will let your space and décor appear as if they’re bigger or can occupy more space.

  • Flat light color or recessed lighting fixtures are highly recommended for bathrooms that have near to the ground ceilings.

  • Larger bathroom light fixtures that are suspended such as chandeliers are best used with those having ceilings that are far above the ground. When you do this, the volume of the area or the room will be enhanced. Hence, if you want to let the room appear dense, avail of this kind of fixture.

Choosing bathroom vanity light fixtures is the key to making the bathroom homey, cozy, and a pleasure to use. Managing bathroom vanity lights is an easy task for the homeowner to undertake.

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