Recessed Lighting Trends

The ambient and recessed lighting trend has now become very popular as far as the type of lighting is concerned. With more and more people becoming cost-conscious and trying to save power and electricity, recessed lighting fixtures have taken the position of the most preferred lighting.

Diffused Light Fixture

Another emerging trend in the area of bathroom lighting is that of the diffused lighting fixture which comes with a soft focus. The light which focuses on or near the eye level is placed very near the mirror.

Combo Lighting

People have started adapting to other trends as well. One such trend is the use of combo lights that can multiply the lighting effect in presence of other lights and make the bathroom look wonderfully well.

Fancy Lighting

Most people have started buying fancy bathroom lights for their bathroom space that not only provide a decorative theme to their bathroom. Nowadays they want durability as well as cost-effectiveness. If this sounds like you, consider CFL lights. Compact fluorescent lights last longer and they use less electricity than conventional ones.


Positioning of the Mirror

Positioning of the mirror nowadays is done in such a way that it acts as a light reflector. Light from the windows and ventilators is made to fall on the mirror surface which after reflection brightens the bathroom area. This is a natural way of saving electricity.

One latest trend in bathroom fixtures is the installation of antique, metallic, and highly shining mirrors on the walls of the bathroom. These metallic mirrors shine in the absence of lights and give the bathroom the necessary brightness and scintillating looks. Nowadays lights embedded in the mirror have become a modern trend in the bathroom lighting space. Most people install these types of mirrors which can provide dual effects to people.

People have started investing high in adopting the latest bathroom trends because they define the comfort and luxury of the bathroom