Ambient bath light

This is the term given to general lighting type in the bathroom. The lights which are able to provide enough brightness in every nook and corner of the bathroom broadly are classified as ambient bath light. They are simple in design and usually are not customized.

Accent bath light

As the name suggests, this type of lighting is put in the bathroom just to have an additive effect – i.e. to bring in more sensation and decorative feeling inside the bathroom.  However, these types of light do not serve any other useful purpose and are mainly found in highly decorative and stylish bathrooms. These are preferred by those people who like brightened and extra-decorative stuff.


Task bath light

Another type of light that is found in certain types of bathrooms is the task light.  This light is primarily installed over and above the mirror to help one get a closer look. Personal grooming activities such as oiling, combing, and shaving can be easily done using the task lightly. These task lights help a person focus on the smallest details of the face.

Another way to classify the types of light depending on their location is as follows:

Ceiling lights: As the name suggests, these types of light are fitted centrally on the top of the ceiling

Shower lights: Shower lights are the lights that are installed near the shower especially meant for bathing at night. These lights are properly covered to protect them from water droplets.

Floor and bath panel lights: These lights are extremely delightful to watch and provide a relaxing and comfortable feeling while bathing. These are low-level lights usually placed on the sides of the bath-tub

Mood lighting: These are the most ecstatic lights that can be installed in the bathroom and give the bathroom the most craved wow factor. These include the shelves lights, underwater bath lights, cabinet lights, and tiles light.

Depending on the way people want their bathroom to appear and the style statement they want to portray to the outer world, they can choose any of the above types of bathroom lights.