Why Does My Bathroom Need An Extractor Fan?


The extractor fan is a strange one. While it’s clearly very important, a majority of bathrooms don’t have it. Moreover, most homeowners don’t even understand the need for the appliance. As such, even in homes where there is one, the fan is hardly ever maintained or repaired.

These fans need to be installed in every bathroom and properly maintained because they serve five crucial purposes;

Remove moisture

Extractor fans play a crucial role in removing moisture from the bathroom. You’ve probably noticed that after a hot shower, moisture can be seen crawling on the walls and other surfaces. This isn’t just unsightly; it is a big risk for the building. Over the years, moisture can wash out paint on the walls, destroy any other items within the bathroom, and weaken the walls. The extractor fan helps to blow out moisture so the bathroom can dry up faster.

Humidity control

The fans also help in controlling humidity in the bathroom. Humidity doesn’t have to result from a hot shower. Sharp temperature changes are enough to leave your walls dripping with condensed water. Such water on the walls can, among other things, cause mildew and mold. A small extractor fan mounted on the ceiling or up the walls can help drive warm air out of the room and leave the bathroom too dry to support the growth of mold or mildew.

Controlling bathroom odors

bathroom-extractor-fan-installationBad smells aren’t uncommon in the bathroom. Sometimes you just wake up to find that the entire home has been rendered inhabitable thanks to odors coming from the bathroom. It could be the result of a blockage.

Perhaps something got trapped there causing the drains to block, and leaving water and all the waste to pool there for hours.

A properly installed extractor fan will effortlessly clear up the odor by pushing the polluted air out of the home.

Gas and smoke removal

While we don’t use gas in the bathroom, when there is a leakage, you’ll need all the help you can find to push the gas out. This is another area where the bathroom extractor fan can help. Granted, you need additional extractor fans in areas that are likely to accumulate the gas in case of leakage. But as soon as the gas starts to spread, the bathroom fan will help a lot in pushing it out of the home.

Heat and smoke removal

The same applies to heat and smoke. Extractor fans help to remove hot air from the bathroom so that you can have a more conducive environment. If such heat isn’t removed, it could spread to other rooms, forcing the air conditioning system to work harder to cool your home. Such unnecessary waste of resources should never be allowed. With regards to smoke, whether it’s from cigars, burning items, or cooking in other rooms, extractor fans, wherever they may be installed, are critical in pushing out harmful gases.

Maintaining wall and fabric health

Finally, by removing the heat, smoke, steam, and humidity from your home, extractor fans play a big role in maintaining the health of our walls and fabric.

But, the fan has to be properly installed

For it to function optimally, the extractor fan must be installed properly and at the right position within the bathroom. Be careful of the insulation and don’t cover the box with insulation when you’re finished. Most importantly, choose an extractor fan that nicely complements your bathroom rather than creating detraction from an otherwise luxurious bathroom experience. Fortunately, there is a range of options to pick from!


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